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Interactive Solar offers a unique service to not only our customers but to other customers who wish to utilise this beneficial service which is called “Interactive Care”.

Interactive Care

Interactive Solar offers specials and discounts to customer who purchase solar systems to have a interactive care package attached to their purchase for future maintenance and system health checks every 6 or 12 months.

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Benefits Of Interactive Care

Peace of mind

Keeping your efficiency as high as possible

Health check on inverter, panels, cables, isolators and other solar related equipment

Great after service for all our customers

Interactive Care Services

Solar Panel Cleaning

Cleaning of debris and dirt of the solar panels can be crucial to maximising performance and efficiency.

Switchboard Maintenance

Switchboards are a key to a safe and efficient electrical distribution system. Several types of buildings rely on these low and medium voltage switchboards to get power to devices. If the switchboard is not regularly maintained, there can be failures in the gear.

Solar System Maintenance

Our experienced accredited electricians can inspect the integrity of the system. This includes; inverter, wiring, isolators and other solar equipment.

15% Discount On All Services

Interactive customers can enjoy upto 15% off all services. Subject to availability.

Stay Up To Date

At Interactive, we put the power back into our customer’s hands with our top-of-the-range Interactive Solar Systems and services. If you would like to know more information please leave you details below.

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